The Finnish Lapphund was originally used for herding reindeer in Finland and was a close family member, sleeping with its Saami family, so that the thick coat kept both owner and dog warm in temperatures that dropped well below freezing.

The Breed Standard say’s the Finnish Lapphund is intelligent, brave, calm, faithful. Suitable as companion and watch dog.  The Lapphund is an ideal family pet for active families, they love being with people and are very good with children though of course children and dogs should be supervised.

The standard hight of the breed is 46 to 52 centimeters for a dog and 41 to 47 centimeters for a bitch.  An adult of 49 centimeters will weigh approximately 17 to 19 kilograms, but the breed is known for having a great variety of weights between 15 and 25 kilograms, depending on the size.