European Winner 2011  /  FCI Centenary Show Champion  / FCI Century Winner / International Champion /  Crufts Winner 2011 & 2013 / Benelux Winner 2014 / German Champion / Luxembourg Champion /  Belgian Champion /  Dutch Champion /  UK Champion

Kees & Poolhondenshow Winner 2012 / FLCGB Clubshow Winner 2012 / Bundessieger 2011 / Rheinlandsieger 2011
Belgian Winner 2010 /  Amsterdam Winner 2010, 2011, 2013 & 2014 /  Europasieger 2010, 2011 / Dutch Youth Champion / FLVN Club Kampioen 2015

Our first Finnish Lapphund, Fidelis Duuri comes from Fidelis Kennel in Finland. His pet name is Usko. which means “faith” in Finnish and we thought that was a special name for this special boy.

Fidelis Duuri is a nice black and tan male dog with a strong and characteristic expression. He is spontaneous, very relaxed and a real friend to us. Fidelis Duuri is a dog who you can bring with you anywhere and who always wants to come along with you. We love his gentle and tolerant nature.

We have followed obedience training, show training, sheep herding (workshop) treibball and agility with him. When we got him we never suspected him of becoming an big show champion. He has won many titles already, with his top win at Crufts (2x) , European Dog show, SFLS Clubshow and FCI Centenary Winner shows. Fidelis Duuri is a beautiful show dog who loves to “show off” in the ring. Maybe you’ll see us at a show sometime. We have a very nice video of him winning Crufts 2013.

Since Fidelis Duuri has A hips with the highest hip score possible, is PRA DNA free and has healthy eyes he is used as a stud dog all over the world. He has produced some very nice litters (UK, Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark) already with puppies showing lot’s of similarities to him and being gorgeous Finnish Lapphunds!

Finnish Kennelclub Pedigree

PRA DNA tested clear
ECVO eyes tested clear August 2016
Pompes disease - Tested clear

Usko was born: 21-03-2008