We are Nico and Jordie and we live in a small village near Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. Our home is close to the Kroondomeinen nature reserve at the Veluwe, a beautiful forested area located next to Apeldoorn.

Since 2008 we have had Finnish Lapphunds, starting with 1 and now having 9, our own Kennel and breeding our first litters in 2013 and 2015. I guess you can say that we have fallen in love with this special breed. For us breeding these special dogs is our hobby next to doing all kinds of activities with them.

We thank you for your interest in our Finnish Lapphunds. On this website you can find out more about our special dogs and we also keep track of all experiences we have with our dogs, such as shows, walks, sports, etc.

We hope you will be just as enthusiastic as we are about the Finnish Lapphund.